Join our seminar @ FELASA 2019 in Prague

TUESDAY 11 JUNE, 14:15 - 15:45

Opti Health Monitoring programs, enhancing the 3R and the 3E (efficiency, efficacy and expenses).

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Speaker: Massimo Foa

Date: Tuesday, 11 June.

Time: 14:15-15:45

Location: Terrace 2A , see the red arrow on the floor plan below.


With recent technical developments in the field of rodent health monitoring, veterinarians and facility managers now have a vast range of possibilities within their choices between different approaches such as; sentinel screening, resident animals sampling, environmental diagnostics and different combinations of the above. An expanse/array of data is now available with regards to the sensitivity of each platform on different sample types. The results show that, unfortunately, there is not yet the perfect solution. Moreover, with multiple possibilities, there are now challenges when trying to balance science, costs and workload.

With the help of Aurelie Thomas (DVM, Sanger Institute, UK), chair of the session, Alessia Montesano (DVM, Leibniz Institute, Germany) and Dolores Bonaparte (DVM, Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal) we will look at the results of their independent studies analysing and comparing different approaches in terms of efficacy, efficiency and expenses.

The presented data and the following open discussion could be helpful to everybody willing to design their own Opti HM program, the ideal health monitoring for their facility.