Survey result: it looks like necropsy is on it's way out in animal health monitoring! - Do you agree?

Necropsy in AHM really on its way out?

For 3 years now, we have been asking this question all over Europe: what do you prefer in animal health monitoring: Necropsy or more animal friendly alternatives?

Also at the SCAND-LAS 2017 event in Copenhagen we asked this question and the interesting results are below.

For all scientist is it is essential to combine reliable, reproducible results with good animal welfare and to Replace, Reduce and Refine wherever possible. 

At IDEXX BioAnalytics we fully support that to a degree that we have included it in our mission statement. Because IDEXX BioAnalytics is your strategic partner for reliable, reproducible results while accelerating your research through innovative technologies, logistics support and scientific expertise, so you can confidently enhance the health and welfare of people and animals.