Fast results to identify an all-too-common contaminant

Mycoplasma species are common in many cell cultures, and testing for this contaminant is important to ensure the quality of your research, to confirm the validity of your results and to align with regulatory guidance for products derived from mammalian cell cultures.

IDEXX BioResearch STAT-Myco:

  • Highly sensitive real-time PCR assay

  • Detects as few as 1–10 organisms

Our scientists have developed a highly sensitive real-time PCR assay that can detect as few as 1–10 organisms, as well as species not detected by commercially available kits. In addition, to detecting all species of Mycoplasma known to infect cell cultures, the assay also detects a number of Acholeplasma spp., another member of the Mollicutes class that can also contaminate cultured cells. 

STAT-Myco testing is fundamental to ensuring the quality of your research.


Expect greater accuracy and insight with fast and easy STAT-Myco testing