Over 20 years of experience
supporting R&D programs in Europe and the US Veterinary Clinical Studies & Preclinical Testing

Reliable & reproducible results

  • Large portfolio of ISO 17025 certified in-house tests

  • VICH GL09 (GCP) capability

  • Detailed SOPs, sample & data archives

  • Dedicated instruments and operating procedures

  • Separate sample reception area

Accelerate research

  • Expert advice to ensure the success of preclinical and clinical studies

  • Industry-leading expertise

  • Offering one solution through in-house testing and external specialised partner laboratories

  • Offering full study support – including laboratory project management and customised reporting

  • Support and active risk reduction to make sure samples are collected, handled and tested according to the study protocol

  • Crédit d’impôt recherche (CIR) registered

Innovative technologies

  • We generate and collect large volume of data to support the validity of new diagnostics for regulators

Logistics support

  • Global support for single or multi-centre studies

  • Comprehensive analytical support through a single point of call in Europe and the US

  • Central location: European laboratory located in Ludwigsburg, Germany

  • Access to our operations & project management team

  • Full support from the onset of the study until final report

  • Management of specialised external laboratories

  • Sampling & shipping instructions in the local language

  • Samples pick-up and across borders shipment

  • Customised sample collection kits

  • Customised reports

  • Compiled results reports

Scientific expertise

  • Regulatory-compliant tests for better science & reducing the number of cases required for statistical significance

  • Improving the outcome of studies both in cost and time

  • Positively impact the health and welfare of humans and animals (3R) by accelerating the development of novel, better and safer treatments for pets, animals and livestock



Click here to download the new directory of service

Click here to download the new directory of service

IDEXX BioAnalytics is your strategic partner for reliable, reproducible results while accelerating your research through innovative technologies, logistics support and scientific expertise, so you can confidently enhance the health and welfare of people and animals
— IDEXX BioAnalytics