As well as the existing immunology tests, at IDEXX BioAnalytics we are happy to develop new detection methods ad-hoc that may be interesting for our clients.

The function of the immune system depends in a large part on interleukins and a variety of them can be analysed at IDEXX BioAnalytics. Please enquire for the species you need your analysis.

For the “diagnostic” titration (proof of the effectiveness of the vaccination before travelling) we follow OIE requirements and dilute the serum over 6 dilution steps. Each serum is used as quadruplicate (with 4 x 50µl) and we make a dilution series of 1:3 over 5 steps and after this a dilution of 1:70. However between a titre of 2.39 log titre (=6,01 IU/ml) and 4.23 log titre (=548,24 IU/ml) we can rarely give a defined titre. For privately owned animals being tested prior to an international travel, this does not matter because what they would like only to know is if the titre is >0,5 IU/ml.

For the “research” titration we make a dilution series over 12 steps to be able to calculate the endpoint titre. So, although each sample requires double amount of plate space, cells, virus, medium, and time and labour (for dilution, washing, fixation, staining, reading under the microscope), researchers can benefit from a much more accurate result.