Preclinical Services

Analytical testing for preclinical trials

Idexx BioAnalytics partners with the Human and Veterinary Pharma Industry to develop better medicines and therapies for human and animals by delivering unbiassed, high-quality, independent laboratory testing. We have over 20 years in-house experience supporting preclinical research and some of our assets include:

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  • Complete range of testing, including biochemistry, haematology, histopathology, immunology, endocrinology, microbiology, real-time PCR, and clinical pathology.

  • A range of both standard and proprietary services to evaluate cardiac, renal, and liver toxicity of new drug candidates.

  • A wide range of tests for a breath of animal species: mouse, rat, minipig/swine, dog, cat, rabbit, sheep, NHP, cattle and many more.

  • On demand development of new ad-hoc bioanalytical testing protocols and detection of new biomarkers to accommodate your study needs.

  • Scientific and logistics support (samples pickup & shipment).

  • Biobanking storage space available for hire.

  • Advanced haematology, chemistry, and coagulation instruments for in-house analysis.

Dedicated Project Management support

  • Project managers ensure our laboratory technicians are familiar with your study and your team collects and ships samples to IDEXX BioAnalytics central laboratory in the most secure, time and cost-efficient way, to guarantee accurate and on-time results.

  • Our team can help you customising our services from the design of the testing profile to the reporting of the results.

  • Rapid turnaround time and result reporting to Investigator /Sponsor.

  • Results delivered via fax, email, or spreadsheet (csv format).

  • Dedicated quality management team to audit results and oversee adherence to quality measures.

When you partner with IDEXX BioAnalytics for your preclinical trial needs, you will benefit from team’s expertise in clinical and anatomical pathology, rigorously validated testing methods, ISO17025 accredited tests and laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs) aligned with VICH GL9 (Good Clinical Practice) guidelines and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice, histopathology only).  Our laboratories have been successfully audited by clients and authorities and we welcome clients to schedule a tour of our facilities and verify they exceed quality expectations.

Contact your local account manager to further discover how IDEXX BioAnalytics preclinical trial services can help you achieve your goals.

Please, click below for if you have a specific interest in any of these areas:

Toxicology / Drug Safety
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease (CVMD)
Kidney function assessment
Liver function assessment  
Infectious diseases
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Nutritional studies
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Development of new assays for novel biomarker detection
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