Faecal pellets for PCR evaluation should be collected with clean gloves or sterile forceps and placed in individually labeled sterile containers. 

If testing of individual mice is required, submit faecal pellets from each mouse. Two to three pellets per animal are adequate.   NOTE: fresh faecal pellets either obtained directly from mice or from soiled cages within 24 hours of the most recent cage change are recommended for testing.

If multiple animals of the same microbiologic status are to be evaluated, up to 10 faecal pellets can be pooled and tested as one sample.  If faecal pellets from multiple animals are to be collected, gloves should be changed or forceps should be replaced between animals to prevent cross-contamination.  Alternatively, forceps can be wiped clean and immersed in a dilute bleach (10%) solution for 10 minutes prior to reuse. 

Faecal pellets for identification of Helicobacters and MNV should be shipped by an overnight carrier, but do not need to be chilled or frozen.  Faecal pellets for identification of other viruses should be frozen and shipped to our laboratory by overnight courier with sufficient dry ice so that samples remain frozen during shipment.

Ship samples to:

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For more information or pricing, call +49 (0)7141-6483585 or e-mail IDEXX BioResearch.