Generic Assays

Determine whether animals carry a transgene by PCR-based genotyping based on common elements found in many transgene constructs

  • Neomycin

  • LacZ

  • Cre

  • DsRed

  • Beta-actin

Gender Determination Assays

Determines sex of embryos, newborn pups, tissues or ES cells
(Available for both mice and rats)

Gene-specific Assays

Determine genotype of animals using either customer-provided PCR-based assays or assays developed by IDEXX BioAnalytics . 


Need help converting a southern blot genotyping approach to a PCR-based assay or improving the quality of an existing PCR-assay? Our experienced staff scientists are available for consultation. For more information or pricing, Please contact IDEXX BioAnalytics at +49 (0)71416483585 or by email at