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Getting your sample to the lab 

We can imagine you want to take great care in making sure your sample is handled, transported and delivered by a trusted specialist. Therefore we recommend using DHL to ensure sample integrity and speedy delivery to the IDEXX labs. That way you will have ease of use and piece of mind.


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Book your DHL courier - Free of charge

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For a detailed instruction you can download instructions here: download PDF.

Sending in sample from outside the EU?
Please download here a proforma invoice template

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Let us arrange sample pick-up
This is a paid service

If you need a shipment with dry ice or if you need booking support please go to our Booking Support Page (click here) and fill in the form.

A pick-up can be requested 1 to 3 days in advance

  • (10:00 - 13:00h / 13:00 - 16:00h). For some locations, the time frames could differ. The pick-up will be booked for the next fitting time frame.

  • We very much rely on your information to Please make sure to include the exact information necessary for a successful booking.

Use your own courier

Please feel free to use a courier of your choice and ship the samples by overnight courier (medical express) to:

IDEXX GmbH – BioResearch
Mörikestraße 28/1, 
71636 Ludwigsburg, 



Please make sure, that the package is packed and labelled carefully, also with the necessary UN3373 Label. 

Click here to download UN3373

Dry Ice

For shipments with dry ice, please also include the UN1845 Label

Click here to download UN1845

Click here to download Dry Ice shipping instructions