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Animal Health Monitoring


In the past decade, our scientific team has developed nearly all of the newest technologies in the industry, including our innovative Opti-Spot blood collection process that uses just a simple drop of whole blood for comprehensive serology testing and our 3R Advantage Program that guarantees fast results and improves animal welfare.

Take advantage of decades of experience and innovation in areas including: 


Instrument Solutions

The proven reliability of technology offered through IDEXX BioAnalytics provides your laboratory with new capabilities and comprehensive, targeted analysis.

Our veterinary haematology analyser ProCyte Dx utilizes advanced Fluorescent Flow Cytometry, state-of-the-art cell counting methodology and offers customised solutions, no matter whether you face a constant workload or the need to run samples as projects arise. 

Your laboratory will benefit from comprehensive and useful result information including complete blood counts, 5-part differential and reticulocytes. Species specific algorithms yield exceptional accuracy and comparability of your measurements. The open software architecture of the ProCyte Dx allows you to even go beyond standard haematology and analyse specimen other than blood, such as broncho-alveolar lavage fluids.  

In addition to the IDEXX BioAnalytics haematology platform we offer a variety of IDEXX bench top instruments for biochemistry, urinalysis, blood gas and coagulation testing

Study Services


IDEXX BioAnalyticsis focused on providing customised central laboratory solutions to deliver the clinical results your protocol requires, including:

  • Access to a high-capacity pathology/laboratory services facility

  • Experienced clinical and anatomic pathology professionals

  • A dedicated project manager for the duration of your study

  • Customised sample collection and shipping kits

  • Comprehensive support to either single-site or multi-site trials

  • Reliable turnaround times

  • Electronic data transfer capabilities

  • Sensible pricing structure to accommodate your development programme needs

Preclinical TrialsVeterinary Clinical Studies.


Pathology Services


Veterinary pathologists, laboratory veterinarians, and research industry professionals utilise our accurate results and easily accessible customer support team to address key diagnostic factors, differential diagnoses, and significance of diseases—to advance your research with confidence.

  • Anatomic pathology and clinical pathology testing services

  • Providing routine and specialised GLP histology services

  • On-site board-certified pathologists and research customer support team

  • Straightforward and cost-efficient test results

  • Specimen collection and shipping assistance

Biological Testing


Independent confirmation of quality, safety, and authenticity of your biological materials, reviewed and supported by a team of experts.

Our biological material testing service requires just a single sample to test for multiple profiles. Including rodent and human viral pathogens, Mycoplasma contamination, and the most extensive cell line authentication in the industry, CellCheck.

With our expertise and technology, we can offer you more insight into the quality of your materials and avoid putting your research at risk.



Sample collection made easy!

The 3R Advantage Program is simple, accurate, and fast. Test for bacteria, viruses, and parasites within your colonies - without shipping live animals.  Submit four samples and we'll deliver results utilising real-time PCR- based technology and serology detection in one powerful platform.